Thursday, August 7, 2008

Hello folks:

My name is Charlotte Afton Newman but my Mom (Monique Harward Newman) and Dad (Charlie Newman) insist on calling me Charly. And no I am not a boy. I won't prove it other than to have you look at all my hair.

Look at the long blond hair at the back of my neck if you don't believe it. I arrived early on July 29, 2008 and wow was my Mom relieved.

My Dad was absolutely worn out from helping the doctor delivery me. I weighed in at 8 lbs. 10 oz. and measured 19" long.

Well anyway things are going well. Mom and Dad are trying to get used to me and my brother Alex is watching over me when they need a rest. So I'll say bye for now and forgive me if I take a snooze.

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Successful Family Reunion

Moving the 49 members of the Harward family to the reunion was no small task and required the efforts of many people to prepare for this reunion. We appreciate the help of everyone who attended and prepared to make it so successful.

The center piece of the reunion was this Yurt in which several members of family slept.

Everyone did not arrive at the same time but as more people arrived the more fun it became.

So after every thing was set up, it was time to relax and play a few card games.

One highlight of the reunion was the pioneer trek and here we see the best part. Eating home made ice creme.
It was a fun activity and very tasty.

Cami told some great stories about the pioneers as we continued on the trek.

We also had time for visiting and some even put their feet in the ice chest while doing so.

The talent show was a big hit too.

Everyone took their turn playing with Grandma's lawn games.

We played lots of games like catch the butterflies.

ATV riding was particularly popular.

And the guys had to play golf.

However unusual, the men do cook utilizing the skills they learned in the boys scouts, on Father & Sons outings, and even around home. The breakfast they prepared Saturday morning was excellent.

Alyvia not only ate it but enjoyed wearing it too.

Harwards always enjoy eating together because they do it every time they get together.

There always has to be the clean up crew.

An afternoon at the beach on Bear Lake provided a chance to play in the sand.

a chance to cool off;

the opportunity to learn how stay afloat in a canoe;

or a chance to build a sand castle.

The sweet voices of the children singing primary songs made Sunday a special day.

Time to load up and go home. It was so fun while it lasted and we look forward the next year's Russ & Dixie Harward Family Reunion on July 9-12, 2009. See you all there. We invite you to send any pictures you have via e-mail to Dad to put on a CD. Send them to

Sunday, July 6, 2008

This year's reunion will be held on July 24 - 27 at Beaver Mountain in Logan Canyon at this Yurt. As you can see, it is a large tent like structure on a deck.

Those who have trailers can park right next to the Yurt. There is power and water hook ups but no sewer connections.

We can put tents on the deck surrounding the Yurt but tent pegs cannot be pounded into the deck. If need be, ropes can be inserted between the slats of the deck. There is a BBQ on the deck and if you have a camp chef, you may bring it.

Those who don't have a tent may sleep in the Yurt itself. It is a multipurpose area and may be used as a movie theater and for meetings.

Next to the Yurt is a building that houses a kitchen and two bathrooms.

The small kitchen has a fridge, microwave oven, and sinks as well as cupboard space.

There is another bigger building just behind these facilities with bathrooms and showers as shown here. They are nice and clean.

Suggested Schedule:
Thursday July 24th:
Morning: Arrive and set up
Afternoon: ATV rides and games
Tinfoil Dinners - bring your own
Evening: Night games

Morning: Golf and fishing at Bear Lake. The cost for golf is $18 and we have a Tee time of 8:00 am. Contact Dave 435-787-4285 ASAP for reservations. Bring what ever you need for fishing.
Afternoon: Water sports at Bear Lake
Group BBQ - bring your own hotdogs or hamburgers, etc.
Evening: Talent show

Big Family Breakfast
Morning: Horseback riding for those 8 years old or older. ($25 per person) and or hiking (free)
Afternoon: Site seeing
Dutch Oven Dinner
Evening: Family movies in the Yurt

Morning: "I remember when" story telling.
Afternoon: Clean up
Evening: Depart for home

We do have the YURT for Sunday night if anybody wants to stay one more night.

$50 per family to help defray costs of the rental of the YURT and camping area, Saturday Family Breakfast, and Saturday dinner. Get that money to Mom as soon as possible. The T-Shirt money and your sizes to Sam as soon as possible. If you have any questions, call Mom or Dad.

Thursday, May 29, 2008

Open House

There is nothing better than family getting together to celebrate a special moment.
It makes the special moment even better when you can play a game of baseball.
On Saturday May 24, 2008 the Harward family got together to celebrate
Monique and Charlie getting married. While most of the adults were eating
the kids and a few uncles played a rousing game of baseball. It was such a
casual thing that the new groom and his son Alex tried their turn on the
It was a great day all in all for everyone that attended.

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Starting something New

So I am starting this blog for my mom.
This is Penny and I thought I could see more
family functions this way. If I can get
them to do this. so I thought I would
start one for them.

Here is the beginning.

Russell married Dixie in 1967. They wanted children and a lot of them so over the next 21 years they had 13 children.

Steven, Heather, Samuel, Tamera, Natalie, Monique, Jared, Elizabeth, Paul, Penny, Amie, Christopher, and finally Matthew.

After 41 years of marriage they have 8 children in-laws and 31 grandchildren and 32 and 33 are on the way.

Fun family events are going on all the time. When the Harwards get together there is always fun and games.